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Very caring, and non judgmental vet. Took my old gal here, she’s been here twice in the span of about 3 weeks. For different things nothing major, but they made sure she was in the best care. The front staff is also very nice, had to ask them a silly question about medication I give her and how to clean my cat 🤣 they’re just very friendly here, and I’m a very shy person so it’s a welcoming experience.

Tara Dee

I have a senior dog so I have had to bring him in pretty frequently for various health concerns. The receptionists, techs, and doctors have always been extremely kind and compassionate. The vets in particular have always been very upfront with me about how much certain procedures will cost, and will acknowledge in advance that pet care can be expensive and offer potential alternatives without being asked and without shaming. Having all of the information upfront like that has allowed me to take the time to make informed decisions for my dog and feel good about whatever I eventually chose.

Helene Lazaro-Cote

I’ve been taking my sweet Angelica to this vet for a long time. Recommended by a friend when I wanted a second opinion on her dental issues. Everyone is super friendly here and they like to call Angelica a princess. They have room designated for cats only and it’s always super clean. My cat has had a lot of medical issues and Dr. Boyer has been really good with her. He did her surgery to extract some teeth due to resorptive lesions and he was very kind and answered all my scared questions. They recommended a lot of different tests like bloodwork etc before surgery which the previous vet at a different clinic didn’t. I felt like Dr Boyer was very thorough and took every precaution to ensure my kitty had the best chance at a smooth surgery. Yes extra testing does cost money but he explained exactly why these tests should be done and are recommended. Surgery is very risky. And really important to take all precautions before having your animal put under. I appreciate this. I wanted my baby to get top notch medical treatment and she did. They also have a lovely lady vet nutritionist who specializes in home cooked recipes and a more natural approach to feeding your cat, Dr Kaylan. She worked with me and Angelica to formulate a couple recipes for her to have for her meals. She’s thriving off the food and has gained more energy and is way more food motivated then she used to be. She struggles with gut issues/bowel issues/ fic/ asthma/ recurrent infections like ear infections so this is supposed to help her build up her immunity. It’s a slow process but she’s getting better. Her bowel movements are more consistent and her fic flare ups are way less. She’s a very happy girl.

Jackey Gibney

We move a lot for work so I have been to a lot of different vets – this is hands down the best vet clinic I have ever been to. My dog is pretty nervous about being at the vet. Dr. Elock was so gentle and knowledgeable, she truly is amazing and made the experience so much better for my pup (and me). She takes care of every detail, even writing the cutest note on the prescription bottle. The Bridgeland Vet team is great and very welcoming – we came for a “happy visit” before the appointment so my dog could check the place out and get a bit more comfortable. The clinic is also very clean. After our appointment they followed up to see how things were going and laid out next steps. I cannot say enough good things!

Jessie Niles

Thank you Cora for helping us today! You seemed genuinely touched and concerned for that poor pigeon. We know it’s just a pigeon but we felt absolutely horrible to see him helpless, in shock and attacked by those magpies. We so would have loved to see him recover. At least we take comfort knowing he will not die of a painful and violent death. Thank you to the veterinerian and the clinic for taking in that poor little soul. We are glad that you are here to help no matter how difficult the situation.

Philippe-Rene Armand

We are SO happy with our choice of switching to Bridgeland. The staff are incredibly kind, attentive and knowledgeable. I wish we had started with them sooner!

Cassandra Downe

I’ve been taking my pup to this vet clinic since March 2023, and they’ve been awesome. All the staff are super friendly, and treat our dog really well.

In terms of health care for our dog, they are very transparent with treatment options, pros and cons, and the associated costs. I trust their judgement and that they have the best interests for me and my dog.

Highly recommend coming here!

Kurt Hildebrand

I can’t recommend Bridgeland Vet Clinic enough! Dr. Elock is our usual vet, and is amazing with my pup and super knowledgeable. When we couldn’t get in with her last minute, I was feeling nervous about seeing a different vet but Dr. Kelman was amazing and very very knowledgeable! The staff always ensure you feel heard, and make an effort to thoroughly examine and perform any necessary tests before sending you off. It never feels rushed, and I feel the prices are very reasonable for the high level of care that is provided. If that wasn’t enough, they have refreshments for the humans and a treat bar for the pups in the waiting area!

Tatum Hosie

I can’t say enough great things about Bridgeland Vet Clinic. From the moment I walked in with my Bengal kitten, I knew we were in excellent hands.

The staff at this clinic is not only highly skilled but also incredibly compassionate. They greeted us warmly and made my little leopard feel right at home. It’s evident that they genuinely care about the well-being of every pet that walks through their doors.

The clinic itself is spotless and well-equipped, providing a safe and comfortable environment for all animals. The waiting area is soothing and filled with thoughtful amenities to keep pet parents and their furry companions at ease.

Dr. Kelman is a true expert when it comes to kittens. They took the time to thoroughly examine my kitten, answer all of my questions, and provide invaluable advice on nutrition and care. Their knowledge and patience reassured me that I was giving my kitten the best possible care.

Thank you for going above and beyond and for our kitty kit full of information, a bingo game, food, toothbrush, lit for the can, an amazing toy wow!

Noemí Gómez Rodríguez

We brought in an unusual case for them on Saturday the 14th and the team was all HEART and willing to help. We thank the front desk, tech, and Cora for your time and care. Please keep up the great work. We highly recommend you all.

Thomas Smith

Had my senior dog Charlie in today as I had a couple things to check on!

We moved our business to the Bridgeland Vet Clinic when it opened to follow Tracey because she is amazing and has been a part of Charlie’s care team since he was a Puppy! Dr. Kelman became our new vet but I have had occasion to see a couple different vets and they have all been excellent to deal with and we are super happy with the care we both receive there!!

Dr. Kelman always takes the time to listen to my concerns, he takes my concerns and questions seriously, he performs a thorough examination looking at Charlie’s history, investigating issues and providing treatment as needed. He is always so calm, genuine, compassionate and reassuring!!

What I appreciate most is that he explains treatment options to me clearly and I truly feel like he always has Charlie’s best interest at heart! Like me!!

The whole team has always been great to deal with! Charlie is always especially excited to see his Special Friend Maddy AND he loves the treat bar!

Thank you Bridgeland Vet Clinic!!

Corrie Olafson