About Us

We joined forces through our passion to improve the veterinary journey for you. Our team is here to provide the best experience for your pet.

What choosing “us” means

You are choosing something different for you and your pet family. We are pet owners and seasoned practitioners. We joined forces through our passion to improve the veterinary journey for you. At Bridgeland Vet Clinic the experience can be made better for our pets and you. We have set out to create a place where our veterinary team can do its best work, on behalf of your pet.

Our Goals

Pet Patients’ Needs Always Come First

We are committed to the overall health and well-being of your fur babies. Their happiness and comfort levels depend on it.

We Trust you

As the pet parent, we know that you love your pet and want to do the absolute best for them, and we want to work with you as a valued team member. Through communication, collaboration, and mutual trust together we can deliver the best care for your pet.

Community Advocate

We are proud to be joining such an amazing, close-knit community. Getting to know our clients is important to the Bridgeland Vet team. We want to do our part for the community and be good neighbors and friends.

Genuine and down to earth

We are an approachable and authentic crew of humans. There are no questions that you should feel uncomfortable asking, as well as no emotion you should be scared to share. As part of your fur family’s team, we are here to lend support, provide empathy in difficult situations, offer advice and encouragement in a positive, comforting, and safe environment.

Innovation and growth

The world is everchanging. Our team is constantly brainstorming on behalf of you and your pet to create the best experience possible.Growth and change mean advanced medicine and excellent care for you and your fur friends. We value and welcome your feedback as we find more efficient ways to serve you and your pet now and in the future.